Make your preparation effective with aptitude test tutorials or Aptutorials!ude


So, you have been invited to this job interview whereby you have been informed that you will be subjected through an SHL reasoning test. Don’t panic, for so long as you have qualified, we can help you get through the test successfully through our competitive aptutorial package.  SHL aptitude test is just a type of aptitude test whereby an individual is tested to find out whether he has the capability to solve statistical problems and he has got good verbal skills.  This kind of test is given by employers so as to ensure that they get the best candidate fit for a managerial position.

Most individuals are only aware of aptitude online tests where they go to test themselves if they have got the required skills. However, the problem comes in where an individual after taking the test, finds out that he is lacking the skills that will be required during a proposed job interview. It is useless to confirm a problem without prescribing a cure. Some people also have a myth that it’s either one has a given skill or he doesn’t as one cannot develop a skill that he was not born with. The issue here is that most people are usually born with the capability of having a lot of skills. It’s just that some of them are usually either not aware that they have the skills or they rarely use them and so they have grown dormant with time. This is where an aptitude test tutorial comes in handy to polish and help rejuvenate the skills in an individual.

It is basically a session where you are guided by experts on how to develop skills which will come in handy and enable you to pass any type of aptitude test including the complex ones such as the Saville reasoning test and the Kenexa reasoning test. These tests require an individual who can be able to see things in three dimensions as well as be able to imagine how the end result will be even before a task has been done. The tutorials help to open up an individual’s mind and enable him to reason whole-roundly and openly. They also enable him to interlink knowledge from various fields which is so important for decision-making and problem-solving. Each session is unique and especially suited for each individual depending on his personality so as to be able to bring out the best out of the person.

We impart our candidates with various skills including decision making and innovative skills, which are vital and help someone develop the SHL abstract reasoning. This skill is pertinent as it enables one to reason systematically and interlink various situations. This enables one to pass the spatial aptitude test which is usually offered by some employers who require someone who can take up the position of a supervisor. We also ensure that they do acquire more skills than the ones which they will be tested for during the aptitude test. Most employers concentrate on specific types of tests, such as the numerical tests and technical aptitude test.

We usually work to ensure that through our sessions, an individual gains the skills that will not only pull him through the employment test, but will also enable him to handle day-to-day activities. Some of the tests that we subject our candidates to and make them capable of passing them are such as the psychometric tests. This kind of test is usually used to test for a number of skills and capabilities in an individual. This includes verbal skills, numerical skills, decision making skills as well as abilities to deal with hard circumstances or make tough choices. This test comes handy as it eliminates the need to be passed through many aptitude test as in itself it covers many others.

On completion of the session, our candidates are passed through various online aptitude tests for employment which will assess them and ensure that they are in good position to take any aptitude tests for employment. It is important to note that some types of tests require someone with specific background skills. This is such as the operational or mechanical reasoning test which may require someone to have the ability to operate a given type of machine, software or computer program. Attending a tutorial session while having the background skills will enable us provide you with reasoning skills which you can combine with the skills that you already have and be in an advantaged position to pass the test.

It can really be so disheartening to qualify for a job interview and fail to get the job just because one didn’t pass the aptitude test. It’s for this reason that we advise you to take a tutorial session such as the one that we offer at so as to prepare yourself for the interview fully and enable you secure the job. Visit

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